Photo of Brenton Scott

Brenton Scott

Publishing Director

The objectives of the Publishing Department are to:


  1. Evangelize – Transforming lives in the General Public

    a. Personal Evangelization
    b. Evangelization through our publications’
    c. Each one brings one to Christ

  2. Recruit – Transforming lives in the Church

    a. Strengthening the church members
    b. Transforming members into missionaries c. Increase the number of colporteurs by 10% per year, based on what is needed

  3. Sell – Transforming the lives of All

    a. Improve the colporteurs’ level of living
    b. Improve the Publishing Ministry’s financial status
    c. Increase the number of publications delivered per year by 20%

  4. Train – Transforming the Minister’s lives

    a. Improve the colporteurs’ view and abilities
    b. Improve the leaders’ efficiency